Hi, I’m Kate and welcome to my blog! I want you to open your fridge and feel confident knowing you can feed your family great meals – all week long! I believe people need healthy recipes with realistic expectations. I will never say a recipe takes 30 minutes because kids and life will interrupt your cooking – often. I know you don’t have time to cook every weeknight, so I am going to show you creative ways to turn your leftovers into new and delicious dishes.

What can I offer? I’ve spent the last 15 years immersed in food as a professional cook and a busy mom. As a successful personal chef, cooking instructor and owner of a prepared dinner business, I know that everyone struggles with the question, “What’s for dinner?”  In our blended family, Jeff and I have 8 kids between us! (I know it sounds nuts) So, you will find a wide range of recipes – everything from “Cooking for a crowd” to meals I make when it’s just the two of us. Through lots of trial and error, I have developed meal strategies that work.

What’s my cooking style? My meals are healthy with lots of grilled and roasted chicken, pork and seafood, salads, whole grains, salads and roasted, steamed and grilled vegetables. These are the type of dishes my kids and I really enjoy eating. You won’t find (unless I am craving it) casseroles and soft food – my kids mutiny when foods are all mixed together or mushy.

How can I help you? My strategy has transformed our family meals and I want to share it with you. Cooking simple but flavorful dinners on weeknights is the focus, along with having enough leftovers to make fast but delicious meals on hectic evenings. Quick dressings double as sauces and add an adult element to your meals plus help you assemble yummy lunches. New flavors will appear and you’ll see your kids tasting and trying new things and everyone is ENJOYING their dinner!

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